• Our staff are experienced and qualified in all aspects and stages of asbestos and hazardous materials removal and remediation works. Our asbestos removal operations are carried out by full-time employees – never subcontractors – ensuring all work is carried out with constant diligence and development under our training and safety systems.

    Guided by a management team that believes safety, professionalism, quality and responsiveness are paramount, Alkene Contracting is committed to lasting relationships, and to providing clients with the highest standard of workmanship.

    Alkene Contracting offers a wide range of services to developers, construction companies and government departments, including:

    • Site remediation works including contaminated soil removal and disposal
    • Site preparation and landscaping
    • Analysis / classification of materials and air monitoring
    • Removal and disposal of all types of asbestos and hazardous waste
  • The Traditional Stonemasonry Company

    At the time of our first association together in 1997 when our Traditional Stonemasonry (Contracting) was entrusted with the contract to restore the outer fabric of Customs House for the City of Sydney, there was no prescribed method for the removal of contaminated jointing material from masonry buildings. Ironically, after more than 10 years, there still isn’t. That is to say, there is no generally understood methodology in the public arena although the collaborative relationship between Traditional Stonemasonry (Contracting) and Alkene have developed methods which truly minimise the potential damaging effects of asbestos removal from the very small ( < 5mm) joints between stones.

    Sandstone is a very fragile building material, particularly after decades of wear and weathering. It takes purpose made tools and care to avoid unsightly chips from appearing at regular intervals. These defects are expensive to repair and very unsightly even after repair leaving an unsatisfactory result at the end of the process. Traditional Stonemasonry (Contracting) and Alkene have worked together to arrive at methodologies and tooling which is custom designed to suit this operation and have now successfully completed projects like:

    Customs House – Alfred Street Sydney

    Removal of 3,500 l/m of asbestos contaminated pointing

    Circular Quay Railway Station

    Removal of 13,000 l/m of asbestos contaminated pointing

    Transport House

    Removal of 4,400 l/m of asbestos contaminated pointing

    Removal of hazardous waste material is a difficult job at any time and is made more so by its presence in stone jointing. A contractor needs to have an appreciation of the difficulties of achieving a good result and mitigating against the risk of contamination of the environment and the accidental damage of the building fabric. Alkene have demonstrated a dedication to achieving positive outcomes in these areas and has been an excellent team player in all aspects of the construction projects we have engaged them in. I would not look to any other contractor for this type of work as the risks of failure are too great.

    Should you have any questions regarding the above do not hesitate to contact me.

    James Ginter
    The Traditional Stonemasonry Company P/L

  • Nuplex Industries

    Nuplex Industries, and the prior company, A.C. Hatrick Chemicals, has dealt with Alkene Contracting for some years now, starting with their having been a successful tenderer for the major demolition component of asbestos sheeting and fibrous insulation from our Homebush chemical manufacturing site, which I decommissioned and demolished in1994-1995, as part of a major company restructuring project.

    Alkene performed in a totally professional and satisfactory manner for that project, there being no fault or complaint in their monitoring and work practices throughout the entirety of the project.

    With the credibility gained on the previous project, Alkene were front contenders in the tendering process for the major works on the Nuplex Botany site, following the April 1999 hailstorm disaster, where most of our A/C roofing was terminally damaged. Alkene won this tender for roof replacement, as well as the associated tenders for major building demolitions and refurbishments required on the site, not connected with the hail damage, but required in our site refurbishment programme, and best carried out, for reasons of economy, during the currency of the roof repair project.

    With these Botany projects now having progressed towards major completion, Nuplex are again impressed with the degree of professionalism, timeliness, organisational skills and co-operation required on this job to keeping on completion schedule with minimal disruption to the manufacturing and distribution activity on this site, particularly with the heightened commercial demand in the lead-up to Christmas.

    I would therefore have no hesitation in recommending Alkene and its staff of professionals to anyone considering their services and if needed, to contact me for further, direct comment.

    Jeff Thompson
    Chief Project Manager
    Nuplex Industries (Aust) Pty Ltd

  • R.O. Steel Roofing

    I’m putting pen to paper to thank you for an outstanding job. This is a rarity for me as most times I am only frustrated by interfacing trades.

    The work you did on the Campbelltown job was carried out efficiently and professionally leaving the site pristine. In the short timeframe, removing 13000m2of A/C roof and walls was a terrific achievement.

    The client is ecstatic because he can now proceed to rent the premises.

    Once again thanks for a job well done.

    Russell Steel
    Managing Director
    R.O. Steel Roofing Pty Ltd

  • Attiki

    Alkene Contracting was the company chosen by Attiki Pty Ltd to replace our old asbestos roofing with colorbond cliploc sheeting.

    We are manufacturers of dairy products so we were very particular of the need to keep dust and debris to a minimum. Replacement of the roof had to take place over the weekends only, and Monday start up could not be delayed in any way.

    The entire plant was covered with plastic sheeting, and packing areas were sealed off. By Sunday afternoon, the affected areas were dry swept and washed down. All debris and old sheeting was removed from the site, so that on Monday morning there was no delays. In fact, there was little sign that major roof repairs were in progress.

    I was most impressed at the professional manner in which the work was carried out, so much so that we asked the same company to replace our office roof as well.

    I would strongly recommend Alkene for a worry free removal and replacement of roofs or associated work to any prospective customers.

    K. Alexpopoulos
    Attiki Pty Ltd